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CECO Module Available: Health and Safety: Resources and Guidance for Caring for Children

The Health and Safety module “Health and Safety: Resources and Guidance for Caring for Children” is now available on the California Early Childhood Online (CECO) website. 

This module is intended to provide an overview of basic health and safety considerations and standards for providing emergency care for children of essential workers. It includes guidance on how to stop the spread of germs in a group setting during COVID-19. This module can be accessed at

Eight comprehensive Health and Safety modules are also available. Each module is 60-80 minutes in duration. Modules include the following topics:

  • Safe Spaces in Child Care
  • Transporting Children in Child Care
  • Handling Hazardous Material in Child Care
  • Infectious Diseases in Child Care
  • Safe Sleep Practices and Sleep Related Infant Deaths
  • Managing and Responding to Food Allergies
  • Shaken Baby/Abusive Head Trauma
  • Emergency Preparedness in Child Care

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