High quality child care starts with high quality Administrative Professionals. The talented and dedicated Coordinators, Directors and Teachers at child care programs are the conduit to ensuring the success of our youngest learners. Children attending quality child care programs have greater brain and social emotional development, language abilities and success in not only school, but in life. 

The California Early Childhood Mentor Program (CECMP), funded by the California Department of Social Service (CDSS), supports Mentors throughout California in providing leadership and guidance to students entering the Early Childhood Education (ECE) field, and current child care Directors and Teachers. Partnering with nearly 100 Community Colleges – and growing – the Mentor Program supports a diverse workforce of family child care programs, private child care centers, State Preschools and Head Start programs.

The California Early Childhood Mentor Program focuses on:



Providing quality placements for Community College ECE students in their final practicum with certified Mentor Teachers.



Providing current ECE Directors who are seeking mentorship, a Certified Director Mentor.


Professional Development

Building leadership skills, through professional development opportunities, communities of practice, monthly seminars, and yearly conferences, on topics reflecting best practices in the ECE field.



Encouraging leadership opportunities in mentoring, training, facilitating, advocacy and community collaboration with compensation through stipends.

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