A Selection Committee is a group of Early Childhood professionals recruited by a College or Regional Coordinator to assess and select applicants to the Program as Mentor Teachers and Director Mentors. Individual colleges have Selection Committees of up to ten members. Regions have larger committees, varying by the number of colleges in the Region. Some colleges new to the Mentor Program begin their first selection process with smaller committees and grow over time.

The ideal Selection Committee is composed of experienced Early Childhood professionals with shared assumptions about the characteristics of high quality child care and a willingness to make a commitment to increase that quality in their community. The goal of the Mentor Program is that every Selection Committee represents the cultural and program‐type diversity in its surrounding community. For example, if a significant percentage of the community population immigrated to the US from another country, or speaks a language other than English, a Selection Committee needs to have representation from that segment of the community. If a significant percentage of child care programs are family child care programs, a Selection Committee will be better in tune with the needs and expectations of the community if the Committee has adequate representation by family child care owners and operators

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